Green means quality

At Hotel SASSO Residence we strive to reduce the impact we have on our environment on a daily basis. If we want to make the world a better place that respects the environment and takes care of our well-being, we need to think about the little things too – from using recyclable materials to reducing our exploitation of natural resources.
This is our commitment to our guests and to the environment we live in.

  • We separate all waste for collection and disposal.
  • We use only biodegradable detergents for cleaning in respect for our guests and for the staff who use them.
  • We’ve installed BP Evolution guaranteed LED lightingthroughout the building.
  • Our industrial washing machines have energy efficiency label A; we also use automatic dispensers to ensure the correct amount of detergent and avoid wastage.
  • We use soap and shower cap packaged in recycled cardboard.
  • We use refillable liquid soap dispensers rather than traditional single-use bottles, reducing product waste and disposal of plastic materials in the environment.
  • Presentation sets of complimentary toiletries in biodegradable plastic.
  • To respond to special dietary requirements or for anyone who likes to eat healthily, our breakfast buffet has a special section with organic and gluten-free products.

Hotel Sasso Residence – Green Hotel