Over 50 years of hospitality

In 1963 Mario Sasso returned home to Diano Marina after spending almost ten years in London and Berlin, and brought with him the professionalism he’d learned from working in luxury hotels there.
He came back because he loved his country and because of the idea behind the English proverb that he used to quote: “where there’s a will there’s a way”; in Italian, “volere è potere”.

He laid the foundations of the hotel that bears his name on land belonging to the family, and opened Hotel Sasso in 1964.
It was just a single-storey building at first, but it soon grew, along with the family; Mario married Piera, then Federica, Elena and Alessandro were born.
Mario passed on his love of hospitality to his loved ones, and taught them that passion and determination are the essential tools for building your dreams.

The Sasso family; the pleasure of hospitality since 1964

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