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Outdoor sports

The Riviera dei Fiori (riviera of flowers) is a hub for outdoor activities. The hills and mountains nearby have some excellent trekking routes, such as the well-known Sentiero degli Alpini (Alpine route) or take a look round and go exploring; whichever direction you take you’re sure to find something amazing – this is Liguria! Do you like cycling? See the spectacular final stretch of the Milan-Sanremo route or take the longest coastal cycle path in Europe, or if you prefer mountain biking there are endless paths to explore, from the easy to the truly challenging, with breathtaking descents that seem to plunge right into the sea!

The sea, of course. So many water sports, both on the sea, and under it. Dive down to see the old warplane that crashed in the sea or pay a visit to the Madonna Stella Maris, hoist your sail to the Libeccio or the Maestrale, or go for a swim or a paddle; the Ligurian Sea is spectacularly clean and you get a panoramic view of its incomparable green hills and rocky coastline.

Other sports available in Diano Marina and nearby include tennis, golf, horse riding, paragliding, etc. Just ask, we’ll be happy to provide information and help you find out where you can practice your favourite sport while you’re on holiday.



Mountain biking

Road biking


Beach volleyball

Cycle path

The Ponente Ligure (Western Liguria) cycling route is the longest cycle path in Europe, stretching 24km from San Lorenzo al Mare (just 10km from Diano Marina) to Ospedaletti near the French border. A historic journey that follows the old railway line, with stations that have been converted into rest stops where you can hire bikes, roller blades, quadricycles etc. A refreshing and exhilarating route that takes you past beaches, flowers, ancient fortifications and natural parkland, where you’ll discover old railway tunnels and quaint seaside villages.
The route has two lanes: one for cyclists and one for pedestrians, so everyone can use the path in peaceful harmony. For exercise or just for a pleasant excursion to experience the scents and colours; the reason doesn’t matter, just go!

Mountain biking

Cycling out in the country through some amazing scenery, that’s what you get with the Golfo Dianese Bike Park which has been set up in the hinterland between Diano Marina and Cervo. You’ll find tracks for beginners and tracks for more experienced cyclists, all well-used, maintained and signposted. Enthusiasts from all over Europe come to Diano Marina just to have a go on the famous “salto nel blu” (leap into the blue), a launch-pad that makes you feel like you’re flying over the sea!

There are a number of sports associations in Diano offering guides for individuals or groups, tours, servicing, bike hire and shuttle services to the route starting points, with vans for transporting gear.





Sea sports

The beaches in Diano Marina are the perfect spot for summer water sports: swimming, diving, windsurfing, paddle boarding, sailing, canoeing etc. There are a number of clubs, sports associations and bathing facilities offering a variety of activities, training, and equipment hire.
At the end of the summer Diano Marina also hosts the Windfestival: the biggest water and windsports event in Italy. Three days of competitions, exhibitions, demonstrations and festivities, where world-famous athletes and sports enthusiasts from all over Europe converge. One great reason to visit in the low season.


If you stand with your back to the sea and look towards the hills you can see the spectacular landscape with its charming towns and villages steeped in history and tradition. Our advice to you is to visit all of them! Amongst other places, don’t miss Dolceacqua close to the French border, famous for its castle and Roman bridge, then take the Apricale ridge which can only be navigated on foot. Or climb up to Pigna, the last village in the Nervia valley, for the stupendous view. Pay a visit to Triora too, where witches are supposed to reign – if you dare. Bussana Vecchia and the remains of the long-ago earthquake there are especially worth a visit, as is Valloria with its unusual painted doors. Visiting Cervo Ligure and Diano Castello is like stepping back into the Middle Ages.

Food and wine

The cuisine of Liguria, like the place itself, is based on the sea and the land; the authentic Mediterranean cooking that has inspired so many modern interpretations. The Ponente area of Liguria in particular is famous for its exquisite flavours that produce dishes often simple but always amazing.
For a light meal we recommend piscialandrea or sardenaira: a distinctive pizza with anchovies, or panissa made with chickpea flour, often fried. For lunch go for linguine (similar to spaghetti but flat) with the ubiquitous pesto sauce, followed by brandacujun – a traditional dish made with dried cod and potatoes. At dinnertime try the Ligurian rabbit with taggiasca olives and the strong-tasting brussu perhaps spread on some Triora bread.
All accompanied by one of our typical local wines: Rossese di Dolceacqua, Vermentino or Pigato.

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